Mar 22, 2007

Edwards Campaign will Continue

The campaign by John Edwards for the Democratic nomination will continue, despite his wife Elizabeth being diagnosed with having bone cancer.

This from MSNBC:

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - John Edwards said Thursday his wife’s cancer has returned, but said he will continue his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“The campaign goes on. The campaign goes on strongly,” Edwards told reporters, his wife by his side.

Earlier on Thursday, incorrectly reported that Edwards would suspend his campaign because of his wife’s illness. The report was based on a statement an Edwards friend made to, a political Web site.

The recurrence of the cancer — this time on Elizabeth Edwards’ bone — presents a setback for the couple, both personally and politically. But both said they would stick with their plans to campaign vigorously for the nomination.

“From our perspective, there was no reason to stop,” Edwards said. “I don’t think we seriously thought about it.”

Edwards had canceled a Tuesday evening house party in Iowa to go with his wife to a doctor’s appointment, which his campaign described as a follow-up to a routine test she had Monday.
Faced with questions about how his wife’s illness affected his political future, Edwards said he will pursue his second bid for the presidency, but: “Any time, any place I need to be with Elizabeth, I will be there — period.”

Mrs. Edwards, 57, was first diagnosed with cancer in the final weeks of the 2004 campaign. The day after Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry and Edwards, his running mate, conceded the election to George W. Bush, Edwards announced that his wife had invasive ductal cancer, the most common type of breast cancer, and would undergo treatment.

Mrs. Edwards underwent several months of radiation and chemotherapy for the lump in her breast. Her husband’s campaign has said she had recovered from the illness.

“I don’t look sickly, I don’t feel sickly. I am as ready as any person can be for that,” she said at the news conference.

John Edwards said a biopsy of her rib had showed that the cancer had returned.
The bone is one of the most common places where breast cancer spreads, and once it does so it is not considered curable.

But how long women survive depends on how widespread the cancer is in the bone, and many can survive for years. The longer it takes for cancer to spread after the initial tumor, the better the prognosis.

Chemotherapy and radiation are standard treatments, along with use of drugs that specifically target the bones called bisphosphonates. Other treatments include hormone therapy if the cancer is responsive to estrogen.

Dr. Lisa Carey, Elizabeth Edwards’ physician, said that initial tests showed some very small suspicious spots elsewhere, but that the therapy focus would be on the bone. Asked where else, she said “possibly involving the lung.”

Mar 8, 2007

Edwards polls well in New Hampshire

A Suffolk University poll conducted between February 24 and 28 has John Edwards solidly in third place as the preferred Democratic nominee.

Hillary Clinton was in the lead on 28%, with Barack Obama closely behind on 26%.

John Edwards was on 17%, with Joe Biden the closest behind on 3%.

Mar 7, 2007

Vilsack Supporters Head to Edwards

100 of the supporters of former candidate and Governor of Iowa, Tom Vilsack, have pledged to support John Edwards in his bid for the Presidency. The 100 Iowans include State Representative Kurt Swaim and attorney and Democratic activist Ed Skinner.

Swaim said that he is proud to support Edwards for President, and with "...his leadership, we can get America back on the right path."

Skinner said that John Edwards " exactly the kind of leader we need here in Iowa and in our country."

Edwards has consistently been much higher in the polls in Iowa, than his third place in the national surveys. His commitment to visiting Iowa has been shown by his almost 20 visits to the state in the last 2 years.

Edwards will be heading to Iowa again this Friday for a 2 day visit.

Barack Obama will also be there this weekend.

John Edwards on Libby Conviction

John Edwards yesterday made the following statement in response to the conviction of Scooter Libby yesterday. Libby is the former Chief of Staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, and has been convicted of perjury, obstructing justice and making false statements to federal investigators. It related to the leaking of the classified identity of a CIA employee to the media.

"Today's verdict in the Libby case is an important step in holding the Administration accountable for its consistent misuse and manipulation of intelligence to further its ideological agenda. But there are serious questions about whether the buck actually stopped with Scooter Libby. The American people deserve to know if Mr. Libby has been made a scapegoat in order to protect anyone else."

Mar 6, 2007

Edwards' Stance - Gay's and Lesbians in the Military

John Edwards is a strong supporter of allowing openly gay and lesbian people to serve in the military. He has released a statement, supporting the Military Readiness Enhancement Act which has been reintroduced to Congress. The Act would overturn the current policy which restricts the access of openly gay and lesbian people from serving.

Senator John Edwards released the following statement today calling for an end to the military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy on gays and lesbians in the military. Earlier today, Congressman Marty Meehan reintroduced his Military Readiness Enhancement Act, which would repeal the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy.

"It is long past time to end the military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy and to allow openly gay men and women to serve in the military. It is critical to our national security that we have the best people in our military. Gay men and women have continually served our country with honor and bravery, and we should honor their commitment and never turn away anyone who is willing to serve their country because of their sexual orientation.

"This is an issue of fundamental fairness — and our military ought to treat everyone fairly. I applaud Congressman Meehan on his important legislation."

Major Iowa Tour for John Edwards

Starting this Friday, John Edwards will be commencing a two day tour of Iowa which will include at least five public community meetings.

Edwards has been a consistent visitor to Iowa over the last two years, and always polls well in this key state.

This is John Edwards' schedule so far:

March 9

Council Bluffs Senior Center

Sanford Community Center

March 10

UAW Local #997, Newton

Indian Hills Community College

Burlington Convention Hall

For more details or to RSVP, head to the John Edwards Website. All the events are free.

John Edwards Heads to Texas

John Edwards is heading to San Antonio, Texas, tomorrow for a rally at the Sunset Station Depot at 5pm.

He will follow that visit up on Friday with a two day tour of Iowa.

To RSVP for the San Antonio rally, head to the John Edwards Website here.

Mar 5, 2007

1000 at UC Berkeley for John Edwards

Over 1000 enthusiastic people attended a "Tomorrow Begins Today" rally for John Edwards yesterday at the University of California, Berkeley.

Edwards has been conducting a tour of college campuses. Last week he was in Denver and today, Edwards will go to UCLA. On the 14th of March, Edwards will attend the Howard University campus in Washington, D.C.

Mar 3, 2007

John Edwards Applauds Congress

John Edwards has released a statement, congratulating the efforts of Members of the House in supporting the card check neutrality legislation. The legislation will make it much easier for workers to join a union and for unions to organize to protect workers rights.

John Edwards has long been a solid supporter of the labour movement, and will be seeking to solidify their support prior to the nomination.

Senator John Edwards released the following statement today, applauding the passage of card check neutrality legislation by the U.S. House of Representatives.

"Today is a victory for working men and women across the country. Speaker Pelosi and 241 members of the House did the right thing by standing up for working Americans and passing this bill.

"Organized labor has been the most important anti-poverty movement in American history — strengthening the middle class and providing good-paying jobs for millions of Americans. We need to make it easier for workers to organize themselves into unions. If a Republican can join the Republican Party by signing their name to a card, any worker in America ought to be able to join a union by doing exactly the same thing.

"By protecting a worker's right to join a union, we give more Americans the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty and into the middle class, which is why I have been all over this country the past few years, working with over 20 national unions to organize thousands of workers, walking picket lines and speaking out in support of workers' rights.

"I encourage the Senate to pass this legislation and hope this is just the beginning of a renewed effort in our country to protect working Americans and strengthen organized labor."

Mar 2, 2007

Coulter's Disgraceful Attack on Edwards

Conservative author, Ann Coulter has launched a disgraceful and bigoted attack on John Edwards, when speaking yesterday at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

Ann Coulter said that she was going to make a comment on John Edwards, but "it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word 'faggot' so I'm kind of at an impasse, I can't really talk about Edwards."

Coulter was introduced yesterday by Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Vice President Dick Cheney was also in the audience.

DNC chairman Howard Dean has called on Republican candidate's to denounce the remarks by Coulter.

The Edwards campaign has responded by distributing a video of her remarks. They are also trying to raise $100,000 this week in "Coulter Cash" to "...keep this campaign charging ahead and fight back against the politics of bigotry."

Coulter has quite a reputation for controversy. Can we go further here by asking you to make a sentence out of the following words? Coulter, morals and alleycat. Thank you.

Mar 1, 2007

Edwards Interview on Health Care

John Edwards giving an interview on WYNC Radio last week. The major topic is Edwards' plan for health care.

Edwards Steady in Latest POST/ABC Poll

The latest Washington Post/ABC poll released this week shows that John Edwards is remaining steady on 12% as preferred Democratic nominee for President. The January poll had Edwards on 11%.

Hillary Clinton still leads the race, on 36%, although her lead has been cut down significantly by Barack Obama whose rating has increased from 17% in January to 24% in the latest poll. Al Gore was the third favorite, ranking 14%.

Edwards also has a strong favorable rating on 46%.

The poll was conducted between February 22 and 25 and has a margin of error of 4%.