Dec 28, 2006

Edwards Announces His Run

"Tomorrow Begins Today"

Son of a textile mill worker, former lawyer and United States Senator John Edwards has announced this morning that he will be running for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

While the higher profile possible candidates, Clinton and Obama are yet to announce, Edwards is hitting the ground running between Christmas and New Year, hoping to maximise coverage during a slow news period.

Having worked vigorously on anti poverty campaigns, Edwards will be bringing this message to his campaign for the nomination, also focusing on a withdrawal of troops from Iraq, and re-establishing America's moral authority in the world. He is urging that Americans should '...take responsibility and take action to build the America we believe in.'

Edwards kicked off his campaign in New Orleans, and will visit 6 states over the coming days including Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada as well as his home state of North Carolina.

Video to follow shortly.