Feb 2, 2007

John Edwards at DNC Winter Meeting

"It Doesn't Have to Be that Way"

John Edwards arrived on stage today at the Democratic National Committee's Winter Meeting to the sound of Bruce Springsteen and the loud cheers of his strong supporters in the audience.

Edwards then proceeded to give one of the best speeches of the conference. Whilst it started slowly, it built up to a passionate plea for the future of the American people.

As a tireless advocate for those in poverty, those who have been left behind, Edwards called on Democrats to "stand up" for those whose lives could be so much better with a little help. He called on them to stand up for the 37 million Americans who live in poverty, for those who cant get a decent education, for those living in refugee camps around the world, and for the 47 million who don't have any form of health insurance.

Edwards also called on Democrats to stop using the term, "access to health care", saying that what America needs is Universal Health Care.

On Iraq, Edwards said that it is a betrayal for the President to escalate this war. And he continued his attack on the Congress, saying that it is a betrayal not speak out against this war in Iraq, and it is a betrayal not to stop this war. . silence is a betrayal.

In a specific reference to other potential nominees, Edwards said that we cannot be satisfied in passing non binding resolutions, that the president will ignore. He said that Congress has the power to stop the escalation.

Edwards said that this is not the time for political calculation, rather it is the time for political courage. It is time to start now, not wait until 2009. Tomorrow begins today.

This is a speech worth watching, it was full of passion and commitment. Watch it here.