Feb 9, 2007

A Tougher John Edwards

Good article to be published next Monday in Newsweek, suggesting that John Edwards is a tougher character than in 2004.

"Edwards embodies the darker tone. In a hotel "holding room" after the DNC meeting, he was a tougher, more combative character than the one I had met eight years ago. Now you see the Dennis Quaid grin less often. "I've grown up," he said with a shrug.

And he brims with what seems like resentment at Democrats who won't support national health insurance right now (take that, Hillary) or who "talk about labor's concerns only in front of union audiences" (take that, Obama). "I want people to know exactly what I stand for." That sounds like an obvious enough game plan, but it is one he didn't have when he took the field four years ago."

It seems that the passionate speech Edwards gave last week to the DNC has drawn the attention of the media. And in a good way.