Jan 18, 2007

Edwards - Congress Must Act on Iraq

In a bold move that will conflict with some of the other Democratic hopefuls, John Edwards is calling on the Congress to block the President Bush plans for escalation in Iraq.

The Edwards Campaign are calling on people to sign the petition, to show how much anger there is in the community about the new plan for Iraq.

John Edwards plans to run a full page ad in Roll Call, the Capitol Hill newspaper, which will feature the petition and call on Congress to act to block funding for the new plan.

It has also been reported that Edwards' speech in Harlem on Sunday was seen by the Clinton camp as an attack on her credibility on the Iraq issue. While Edwards who had earlier supported the war, then retracted and apologised, Clinton has taken her time in being vocal on the issue.

Up until yesterday, where she called for a reduction in troops, she had not made her position clear. Further, in contrast to Edwards, she has not yet admitted that she made a mistake.

Edwards speech on Sunday drew a swift response from the Clinton team, labelling Edwards' campaign "negative". After the Obama announcement this week, we would expect to see Clinton in the contest sooner than later, and when it happens, expect some fireworks.