Jan 20, 2007

Edwards in Iowa City - Leads Poll

(Photo - Matthew Holst - New York Times)

John Edwards was on the campaign trail yesterday in Iowa City, to conduct a "Town Hall" meeting on the President Bush plan to escalate the War in Iraq.

Edwards was joined by his wife Elizabeth, who also spoke at the meeting, attended by a large number of people, many who had travelled miles to see him.

John Edwards has a good record in Iowa- he polled second behind John Kerry in early 2004.

That status seems unchanged - a Zogby poll earlier this week showed that Edwards led the race in Iowa with 27%, followed by Barack Obama on 17%. Hillary Clinton and former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack were tied on 16%.

On Tuesday night, John Edwards will conduct a live online video discussion on the President's State of the Union Address. The discussion will take place at 9.30ET, 6.30PT, and can be viewed here.