Jan 11, 2007

John Edwards - the first 2 weeks

John Edwards campaign for the Democratic nomination was hampered by breaking stories which took his announcement out of the media spotlight.

Announcing his decision to run for President between Christmas and New Years, traditionally a slow news week, seemed like a good plan.

That was until President Ford passed away, followed by the death of James Brown, followed by the hanging of Saddam Hussein. Add that to the increasing speculation of the impending announcement of President Bush's new plan for Iraq, and the Edwards campaign was off to a slow media start.

Nevertheless Edwards went on a whirlwind tour, visiting Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina and South Carolina. In New Hampshire, Edwards was greeted by 750 people in a school cafeteria, and apparently as many as that were turned away.

John Edwards has also made a
statement on the troop escalation in Iraq, saying that escalating the war in Iraq would send "...the wrong message to the Iraqi people, to the region, and the world."

The Washington Times reports today that Hillary Clinton's campaign in the key states of Iowa and New Hampshire is falling behind, with Edwards and Obama tied for first place on 22% from a poll of 600 people in Iowa, and Edwards scoring a third place with 16% in New Hampshire, behind Hillary and Barack.

Time reports that while Edwards has limited funds in his campaign account, he has made 15 visits to Iowa and 9 to New Hampshire since Nov. 2004. He is ranked in third as a 5-1 shot.