Jan 14, 2007

John Edwards speaks in Harlem

John Edwards will today be at the Riverside Church in Harlem to give the "Realizing the Dream" speech.

This is the same church where nearly 40 years ago Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. told of his opposition to the war in Vietnam.

In his speech today, Edwards will compare the war in Iraq with Vietnam and make it clear that the same problems that existed then, exist now.

Edwards is taking the opposition to the Iraq war one step further than his Democratic colleagues in Congress. He is calling on Congress to refuse to commit extra funds to pay for the President Bush escalation plans for the Iraq war.

Edwards also takes a swipe at leading GOP candidate, John McCain, calling the decision by Bush the "McCain Doctrine", which will cost America dearly.

Edwards will today state that there is no military solution to the problem in Iraq, and the only way forward is politically and diplomatically.

Following in King's own style, Edwards will be making a call to the people of America to speak up on this issue, to contact their Senators and voice their opposition to the escalation in Iraq.

Watch the speech live here.