Jan 23, 2007

John Edwards - Vision for Change

Responding to the State of the Union Address by President Bush, John Edwards tonight said that the next President must offer a vision for fundamental change.

Edwards said that the Address was "heavy on rhetoric, but light on everything else".

Emphasising again that the escalation plans for Iraq were a big mistake, Edwards called on the President to immediately withdraw 40-50,000 troops.

And Edwards fired a shot at Congress, reiterating his belief that they should block the funds to increase U.S involvement in Iraq. "Congress has the power to stop this escalation - they should use it." Edwards said.

John Edwards also made reference to the President's failings on health care, saying that the Bush plan will do little to help working Americans. Edwards said that "We need universal health care in this country and we need it now."

Edwards responds to the State of the Union on Hannity & Colmes